Carevasăzică Magazine

In early 2015, I took on the project of rebranding a local newspaper and transforming it into one of the hottest young mags on the Romanian scene. Over the course of the year, the editorial team and I put together a publication that had a solid identity and made a statement that removed

the safe space normally offered to young writers and opened them up to criticism—and the rightful attention of a broader audience. Built on a clear editorial and design concept, it caught the eye of the crowd and put its featured writers in the spotlight.

crvszc portfolio slides_cover sidescrvszc portfolio slides_cover sides
crvszc portfolio slides_cuprinscrvszc portfolio slides_cuprins
crvszc portfolio slides_half pintscrvszc portfolio slides_half pints
crvszc portfolio slides_maria spreadcrvszc portfolio slides_maria spread
crvszc portfolio slides_fold outcrvszc portfolio slides_fold out
crvszc portfolio slides_fold out close upcrvszc portfolio slides_fold out close up
crvszc portfolio slides_ivana spreadcrvszc portfolio slides_ivana spread
crvszc portfolio slides_quad spread linedcrvszc portfolio slides_quad spread lined
crvszc portfolio slides_nude illucrvszc portfolio slides_nude illu