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The Cover Story

Posted on January 11, 2014

I don’t believe there’s a person I know to whom I haven’t mentioned at least once that I’m kind of a narcissist, so when I decided to go through with my quitting social media plan, I realized the posts themselves wouldn’t garner sufficient attention from the people in my friend’s list on Facebook and thus could have left a lot of people wondering where the hell I disappeared.

‘The Cover Story’ was set up as a 16-day teaser, with one image posted as my profile’s cover photo every day and a countdown being issued, without any other explanations than the content within the images. Unknown until the reveal, I would delete my Facebook account at the end of the countdown. Sure enough, people started following the story and ‘liking’ it every day. With 3 days left, I posted the first part of the story detailing my motives, and at 1 day left, I posted the second.

It was a fun storytelling experiment through an unconventional medium. I tried to have both ups and downs, and then slowly reveal what the subject is about. I also had a self-imposed limitation to how I could tell it (which made it even more interesting to write) although I don’t think anybody noticed it: each image had exactly as many words in it as the number of days left – no. 12 had 12 words, no. 5 had 5 words, and so on.

It’s the little things that make me excited.

Why I’m quitting social contact – part 2/2 – the emotional arguments

Posted on January 4, 2014

I wrote in my previous post about the rational arguments as to why I’m quitting social media. What I intentionally omitted to mention was that I would also be ceasing any form of social contact for an undetermined period of time. As such, the change of wording in the title, from “social media” to “social contact”, is neither accidental nor overstated. Allow me to explain. I’ve identified myself as an introvert for as long as I’ve known what the word meant. Starting in 6th grade, I believed that I would always be more comfortable when I would have only myself for company, free from the constraints of others’ demands or wants and free to explore whatever my heart sought after. Over the next few years,…

Why I’m quitting social media – part 1/2 – the rational arguments

Posted on January 2, 2014

I joined Facebook on June 18th 2010 by being a smartass, followed by Twitter on November 22nd with a vague promise, and I started this very blog roughly one year later on 11/11/11 – I’m a sucker for numbers - with a short self-analysis and the reason the world didn’t end in 2012. (You can thank me for that later.) Since then, I’ve become a member of about 20 to 25 social media and networking platforms, checking everything from learning-based ones like Quora and Wikipedia, to procastination-enablers Reddit and YouTube, from professional aids such as LinkedIn and Behance, to fitness-based communities Fitocracy and Dailymile, and many, many others. I can’t deny that there have been advantages to using each of them. I could name at least…

Impressions of Rome

Posted on October 28, 2013

Travelers busking in the metro by fiddle or sax or guitar, coins clattering in paper cups Ding, grazie, Ding, grazie, Ding, That’s lunch.   New graffiti on top of old graffiti on top of ancient – vandalism is timeless as history repeats itself: “Augustus was here.”   Guided tours of mother ducks leading their aging ducklings through narrowing streets to ease their passing. When all roads lead to Rome, Death follows.   Indian and Pakistani aliens hawking their shawls and handbags and coloured plastic flashing toys one euro very nice, scurrying like frightened mice before the carabinieri.   Sharply-dressed old men debating politics and football and women and youngsters and cars and the weather gesturing wildly as if it’s their national sport although it…

Question the truth

Posted on October 25, 2013

Back in the 1950′s and 60′s, doctors would frequently recommend smoking cigarettes and ads of them endorsing certain brands were popular. Until the 1970′s, it was thought that if women ran a marathon (roughly 42 km), their uterus would fall out, and they were forbidden to run in such races. Einstein once thought the universe was a constant, in that it always was and always will be the same. Popping your knuckles and joints doesn’t cause arthritis. Reading at night or in poor light has no permanent effect on your eyes. There is no such thing as a “tongue map” of different taste regions. A number of scientific theories you grew up with or were taught in school are no longer supported. So how do we know what…

The things I’ve left unsaid

Posted on October 14, 2013

Back in April this year, I had something you’d call an epiphany. I’ve always struggled with certain negative elements that define me and the way I behave with those around me, even my closest friends, and instead of trying to find a way to fix it I’ve just shrugged my shoulders and assumed that’s how it’s going to be. Then the simplicity of the solution hit me. I’ve waited a long time to do this, so bear with me. The problem or why I’m a prick sometimes Those who know me in the slightest are well-aware that I’m not the kind of guy to shower people with compliments. On the contrary, I’m much more liberal in my criticism (constructive or not) than anything else.…

Timpul să mă-ntorc la scris.

Posted on July 27, 2013

A trecut mai bine de un an de când am scris ultima oară pe blog, dar încă am lucruri de zis și experiențe de povestit. O să urmeze o restructurare a site-ului, o să uploadez mult conținut nou, lucrurile se vor mișca din nou … cel puțin pentru o perioadă scurtă cât ține avântul. Când am pornit treaba asta, am făcut-o cu scopul de a ajuta pe alții să conștientizeze anumite lucruri și să învețe altele. Conținut care să aducă valoare celui care-l citește, într-o mai mică (cam întotdeauna) sau mai mare (în visele mele) măsură. Viziunea rămâne aceeași, doar că de data asta vor mai intra și niște experiențe personale în ecuație. Nu multe, dar suficient cât adresa de să fie îndreptățită.…

ExplorIT – Typography 101

Posted on June 7, 2012

Pe 18 – 20 mai am participat la ExplorIT, un concurs național de creativitate digitală organizat anual în Bacău, unde am fost invitat să jurizez categoria Digital Arts, datorită experienței mele recente din domeniul graphic design-ului. Nu aș fi putut să o refuz pe Măriuca și nici nu aș fi avut vreun motiv. A fost o plăcere să fiu prezent. Am întâlnit în cele 3 zile petrecute acolo o mulțime de oameni competitivi și dedicați pasiunilor care i-au adus în mândria Moldovei, iar proiectele lor m-au surprins plăcut. În același timp, am ținut un training: o introducere în noțiunile typography-ului. Am stat absurd de mult să-l fac (în jur de 30 de ore), iar rezultatul nu este foarte impresionant, însă măcar tot conținutul este original…


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