Hi, I'm Dan. Nice to meet you.

I'm a self-taught graphic designer who gets really excited about all the challenges one can face in this industry and has an endless curiosity to learn more about everything. After working both as an in-house designer for a big corporation and as a freelancer for entrepreneurs, I've learned to understand both ways of thinking and can more easily help clients reach their objectives.

I was born in central Romania and in 2010 I moved to the capital, Bucharest, to study at a management university. Lacking a good design school, I made my own, and offered it completely for free to 25 other people. Side projects are my lifeblood.

In 2016 I moved to Berlin, Germany, to find a new life and greater challenges.

You can call me for a chat on
>> (+49) 0171 544 5124

Or you can email me anytime at
>> mail@danbaciu.com


I have a complete, up-to-date resume at
>> linkedin

I talk about things sometimes on
>> twitter